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Termite Exterminator Stanton, DE 19804

Termites in Stanton, DE 19804

Termites can be devastating to your home. In a short period of time, termites can chew through support beams. Termites are also known to navigate through floors, compromising the integrity. Termites will continue to feed on your home until treated by a professional. For termites, a prompt treatment is the only measure to win your home back!

How much does it cost to have termites treated in Stanton, DE 19804?

At Tri-State, we provide you a termite quote based on a variety of factors of a termite treatment. Treating termites may require soil trenching, inserting a soil rod and return to original grade, precise drilling, and other specific treatment measures, as every termite treatment is different. Most importantly, DO NOT DELAY, the more damage termites are doing, the harder it is to treat.

Termites extermination in Stanton, DE 19804

Need a treatment for termites in Stanton, DE 19804? Tri-State Pest Management will work with you to schedule a termite treatment as soon as possible.

Types of termites in Stanton, DE 19804

The types of termites in Stanton, DE 19804 are Eastern subterranean (Latin family name Rhinotermitidae) in nature. These termites live in the soil, which makes a termiticide barrier very important to maintain.

Termite warranty programs in Stanton, DE 19804

As an industry standard, we warranty our termite treatments for one full year, and renew on an annual basis. Termite warranties are very important, and will protect your home, and your wallet.

Why should I renew a termite warranty in Stanton, DE 19804?

Renewing a termite warranty ensures you do not have to pay for another termite treatment out of pocket. As long as you keep your termite warranty current, we will continue to inspect for termites every year, or when you suspect termite activity. Termite warranties are only a fraction of actual treatment costs.

Termites renewal in Stanton, DE 19804

Termite treatments, using termiticide (in an environmentally conscious manner) will last in the soil for many years. However, dealing with various colonies makes a termite warranty program very important. If millions of termites are attempting to attack your home, even the strongest termite barrier can be at risk.

Why should I pick Tri-State to treat my termites in Stanton, DE 19804?

Conducting termite treatments since 1987, Tri-State is among the most termite experienced companies around. Where termites strike, we are there to ruin the termite’s party. We refuse to allow termites to use your home as a meal. We combine different technologies such as baiting systems and/or barrier applications to combat unique termite infestation situations around same structures as needed.


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Reproductive Termite

This is the \"swarmer\" of the Eastern Subterranean Termite colony. Their color is usually black but may be a slightly lighter brown. Note that it has four wings, all of the same length, which helps to distinguish it from a flying ant whose underwings are shorter than those on top. Their function is to find new sites, mate, and begin new colonies. They are essentially kings and queens.

Worker Termite

Color is almost uniformly white or cream. This is the damaging caste of the termite colony. They contain a microbe in their intestines that allows them to ingest cellulose (wood) as a nutrient. They must physically receive this attribute from the queen of the colony. They then feed on wood, and, being blind, they cannot tell your house from a tree.



Color is brownish black to black, but reddish black when full of blood.
Fleas are known to be vectors of disease organisms causing both plague and muring typhus. They can also serve as the intermediary host for tapeworm. They are typically found where animals sleep or frequent.


3/16" - 5/16"

The house spider is most commonly encountered inside the house, making dirty white to brown colored webs.
Spiders randomly select their web sites while looking for prey and, consequently, the webs can be found almost anywhere.



Roaches typically enter buildings via local food transport, door thresholds, utility pipes, and floor drains.
Often found in crawl spaces, basements, and on 1st floors, roaches reproduce at a rapid rate, lay 100’s of eggs at a time, and must be treated promptly.


1/8”-5 ½”

As the name implies, centipedes are known for having 100 legs. However, the number of legs can vary from 40 to well over 200.
Centipedes are known to prey on other pests within the household; therefore, treatment of centipedes are essential to also address the other pests within the household.

Starting in 1987, Tri-State Pest Management has earned the public trust to be one of the largest locally owned and operated pest management businesses in the region. We have been a family owned business that has been safely serving families and businesses in Delaware, Pennsylvania and Maryland. All technicians are state certified in their work, and maintain the highest level of industry related knowledge.

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