What You Need to Know About Bed Bugs

Tri-State Pest Bed Bug blog image. Bed bugs on a bed spelling out the word bed bugA Female Bed bug can lay over 100 eggs in a short period of time! Bed Bugs reproduce quickly, and can be damaging! If not treated in time, couches, furniture, and mattresses can become permanently stained, and ruined! Unfortunately, there are no effective bed bug self-treatment options available.

The most effective method to eliminate bed bugs is to schedule a professional treatment. Tri-State has been treating bed bugs for many years, and we know where bed bugs like to hide. In addition, professionally licensed products are used that have various modes of action that contribute to a successful treatment.
It is important to get rid of bed bugs as soon as possible. The welts, inflammation, and itching from bed bug bites can become unbearable. Once the infested home contains a large number of reproducing adults, a bed bug infestation can become difficult to control!

How do I get bed bugs?

Bed Bugs are known for being “hitchhikers.” Bed bugs hide on chairs, floors, corners of rooms, fabric, and many other places. Once bed bugs attach to fabric you are wearing, they will travel from place to place with you, even your home. Once inside your home, bed bugs will hide almost everywhere, making a full professional comprehensive treatment the best option.

How can I avoid bed bugs?

Bed bugs can be avoided by thoroughly inspecting beds, and furniture prior. Frequent traveling can elevate the risk due to public seats, and hotel beds frequently having them. As bed bugs can hide just about anywhere, it is also important to glance, and inspect your surroundings to be aware of any possible bed bug hitchhikers. Also, inspect products prior to buying them, as bed bugs could already be hiding in store mattresses, pillows, and many other products. Awareness will certainly help. Even then, there is no certain way to avoid bed bugs.

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